Saturday, May 24, 2008

Two Canucks in the Deep South

It's against my better judgment to post an entry with the above title, as I'm currently pursuing the production rights to a reality show of the same name. We'll be rich, I tell you.

This past February, I accepted an offer of admission to attend the Master of Sacred Music programme at Perkins School of Theology. David and I will shortly be packing our things and heading Due South (that's it – I'll get Paul Gross to host).

I'm pretty grateful that he's crazy enough to make this big move with me (David, not Paul Gross. Paul Gross will be making a big movie with me). Here's the plan so far: we move out of our sweet, lovely first apartment at the end of July, couch surf with the parents for a couple of weeks, and then fly to Chicago on August 14. We're going to spend a few days taking in the Windy City (I'd better learn all those nicknames now, eh?) Then, on the 17th we'll be boarding the Texas Eagle train and taking the 22-hour scenic route to Dallas (complete with roomette – sweet!)

This blog will be a forum for me to post about life during a very interesting and intense master's programme, to comment on our experience in the States, and to post requests for you to send me various Canadian eats (Smarties come to mind).

If you're interested in seeing more in-depth what my studies will entail, have a look here on the Perkins site (I read this and drool):