Friday, August 29, 2008

Photo Update

This past week was my first week of classes, which I'll write about soon!

Here are some of the sights around campus. We live in Hawk Hall, which is tucked in behind Perkins Chapel along with three other residences.

Bishop Blvd. - the main road. Perkins and Meadows are off this street, and very close to our residence.

Meadows School for the Arts.

Perkins School of Theology.
Perkins Chapel (which is completely gorgeous inside and out. I had to miss the opening worship service for the term because I had class - boo - but David sang with the other MSM students!)

...and, last but not least, the newest member of our family - my new bike! Brand new, and leased for the year for $10 from the shi-shi fitness centre on campus. No gears, no hand brakes - completely awesome.

Go Mustangs, apparently.

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