Thursday, August 14, 2008

We're in Chicago!

We arrived the airport today with a lot of very heavy luggage and four parents. (The parents came in very handy with the luggage!) We scraped by the baggage weigh-in with four bags each juuuust under fifty pounds. Everything went very smoothly at the airport, thanks to a lot of pre-planning by David (I helped of course, but man... he's my hero).

After saying goodbye to our parents (don't cry, George...) we nervously headed for customs and filled out all the forms we could find because we still weren't sure which one applied to us. We were pointed towards a very serious and very muscle-related young border official. I kept quiet until he asked me what I was studying. When I answered that it was a Master of Sacred Music at Southern Methodist University, sir, he cracked a tiny smile, looked at me and said "that's different". He stamped our I-20 forms (YES!) told us to guard them with our lives, and we were through. Thanks for all the prayers, everybody!

Our flight to Chicago was very smooth and we had a French-speaking taxi driver who was on his phone to a friend talking about politics. Namely, the odds against John McCain winning the election. ("Mais enfin, il n'est pas le president élu!") We are staying at the Chinatown Hotel, and there is free wireless access! (That and the room rate are about the only things it has going for it).

We're on our way! :)


Larry Williamson said...

Wow, what an adventure! Customs - I am always so nervous when approaching customs officers, but especially American ones!

Karin said...

Oh, look! Now you're on the big adventure. Hooray! I totally relate to the airport story and the luggage weigh-in and border guards and getting excited about free wireless internet. Oh what a life...! :-)

Enjoy Chicago.