Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Farmer's Market

The Dallas Farmer's Market is just two blocks from First Presbyterian, so I've been going over on Wednesdays (choir night) and Sundays to get produce for us. The so-called "Yellow Shed" is apparently the place to be, with farmers selling their produce straight from the farm (as opposed to so-called "produce dealers", whatever that means). Of course, since everything's bigger in Texas, it's quite large (much different from our beloved Trinity-Bellwoods Farmer's Market... with the sheep's milk cheese... mmmm.......) and there is lots of choice. We've had a couple of rounds of delicious peaches, tomatoes and corn so far, and I'd like to get us some honey there – there is a honey farmer who comes dressed up as a bee (seriously) and has a small glass hive of bees on display.

I knew I was in the South when I noticed, at almost all of the different farmer's booths, cartons of small, light green tuber things with blunt ends – okra! Nick at school says I should really try it, that it's not hot at all (not sure I believe him) and that you just fry them up and eat them. After some more conversation I got it figured out he meant bread them and fry them – I should have known.


GandS said...

My mother cooked with okra. It is not hot but rather you can cook with it as you might with green beans or zuccini. She used to make cook it with stewed tomatoes.
Interesting market!

Larry said...

Ha! Okra is great! I buy it often at Zehr's. It's not even slightly hot. Not at all. It's more like a cross between a zuccini and a green bean in flavour. You get a really weird gelling effect from the juice that comes out of it. It's easy to cook and very good tasting and excellent for you. Just go for it! :)

Kristine said...

I'd love to see that honey farmer! How come you didn't post a picture of that??

hilaryseraph said...

ha ha - good point, I probably should have gotten a picture of him.