Monday, September 15, 2008

From now on, you are 'Hortence' - first practice at First Pres

This past Sunday was my first turn as youth choir director at First Presbyterian. It went very well – there are about twenty singers in the group so far and we had a fun first rehearsal. I wasn't too nervous and they seemed to like me enough. Though apparently some of them were switching their nametags around when I wasn't looking (as if I would know the difference??) I told them if they kept that up I get to pick my own names for them (I'm thinking Zelda, Aloysius, Gertrude, Hewlett....)

I broke the ice with Dad's arrangement of Van Morrison's "Whenever God Shines His Light on Me"... mostly just the "do do do" part. I got them singing that and then I added the solo parts. We may work up to the whole thing but for now it was just a fun way to get singing, and they were able to keep their parts. That made me happy. After that we looked at "This Banquet Has No Walls"... hmm... I'm going to have to reign in the Andrew Donaldson content... but, not the CanCon by any means. We're going to do a couple of good'uns by Stephen Hatfield, as well as some Eleanor Daley and Mark Sirett. Wee....

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