Thursday, September 4, 2008

Seminary Singers

David and I have joined the Seminary Singers, the chapel choir of Perkins Chapel. Dr. Hawn leads them and so of course we do a really exciting variety of material. One student who has a previous Masters of Music was commenting that she finds all the things we learn "off the page" difficult, because she's pretty tied to the music. (I guess I grew up with the right crowd for this choir.) I'm so happy that David and I get to sing in a choir together while we're here (less than three weeks in Dallas and I'm already in two choirs...!)

The flyer around campus for the Singers quotes Psalm 150: "Let everything that breathes praise the Lord!" Then the flyer goes on to say "If you can breathe, you just passed the audition for the Seminary Singers... free backrubs at every rehearsal!" It's so great to be a part of a singing community right off the bat – it helps to make Perkins feel like home. I was really moved by communion yesterday. We supplied the music by singing a cappella as we moved down from the chancel to take part. I think with working in a church this past year, I had gotten used to the service being a working time and didn't get many chances to pray and praise. This felt like I was a part of worship.

On October 1, the service will observe World Communion Sunday (Wednesday, really) and will be led by the international students. We will learn a Congoese song from Christian Kwaramba (a theology student) and sing "Enter into Jerusalem" from the Caribbean where Ulston is from. I get to be in charge of CanCon – I'll be conducting Dad's song "This Banquet Has No Walls". That will be so cool!


Karin said...

Awesome Hilary! Singing and conducting already. It sounds like you're fitting in well. I love your blogs. You're a great blog writer too! XO to you both.

Nice robes!

shortbreadannie said...

I have "We are Marching" in Lugandan if you would like a copy of the words! You are sounding quite settled - and comfortable and happy!