Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Here are a few belated pictures from my birthday last week! David didn't have time to organize anything on the day of, so Bailie and Andy took over and had a party for me when I woke up in the morning. The day after my birthday, a few MSMs came out to Campisi's Egyptian Restaurant (actually Italian; apparently back in the mafia days you drew less scrutiny from the cops if you were an Egyptian restaurant, and now it's become a joke that's stuck). We were all in the middle of major stress (Megan and I were grappling with Intro to Grad Studies Exam II, which is nothing less than legendary on campus) but people took time to celebrate with me. Chelsea even went out beforehand and bought a cake to bring!

Here's Darnell, one of the Catholic organ-playing twins from Lousiana in our programme. His brother is Darell. Chelsea even brought candles that spell out Happy Birthday.

Andrew supervising while Chelsea lights the candles.

"I wish the Grad Studies exam will be snowed out..."

Traditionally-made Viennese cake from La Madelaine (pronounced "luh MAYUD-uh-line")

Cake is way better than studying.

Yay, new friends!

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