Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Your computerbox needs words." apparently, my computer was just holding on to see if Obama would get elected. Before he even gave his acceptance speech, my hard drive fried. It started making these crazy clicking and sqeaking sounds, and then the screen went black. It's like that part in the gospels where Simeon is waiting in the temple to see the coming of the baby Jesus.

"Master, now you are dismissing your Toshiba in peace, for my eyes have seen your Obama..."

It had my study notes, notes for a term paper and two projects in progress on it. Luckily I had just handed in my Church Music Colloquium paper earlier that day. I asked Dr. Hawn not to lose it because it's now the only copy. He said "We'll talk later about backing up."

Oh well... Go Obama!

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Larry said...

MacBooks have this fabulous backup system built in that is almost harder to avoid than to just let do it's thing. And they are cool machines ;)