Monday, April 13, 2009

David's 25th!

Here are a few pics from David's 25th birthday on April 6. :)

He had a few surprise gifts from afar thanks to some scheming by me and my Mom, as well as his parents.

We went out for dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant called "Taste of Galilee" (I think... something about Galilee, anyway) with our friends Chelsea and Chris. Chelsea pronounced the food "yumm-o", which is a Rachel Ray-ism. This prompted David to do his impression of Rachel Ray. Not pretty.

The birthday cupcakes were a near fiasco, as I dropped the bowl of batter on the floor while trying to secretly make them (how does one secretly make cupcakes in a one-room apartment, you ask? Well, dropping the batter on the floor doesn't help). The batter also found its way into the open dishwasher of clean dishes. And the bowl knocked the element dial on its way down and a plastic lid melted.

The cupcakes, however, were tasty. I swear.

In the morning David opened his gifts....

...then, a birthday Skype with G-ma and G-pa.

Topped with Smarties from Canada! With just a soup├žon of floor.

Happy 25th Birthday, David!

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Geo& Susan said...

Looks like an awesome party! Wish we were there to celebrate with you.