Thursday, September 10, 2009

If one blog is good, two must be better!

I just want to announce the recent of my new blog, Transforming Every Guest.

I talked to Dr. Hawn last term about wanting to develop my writing, and he suggested starting a blog. It’s just getting going, but I’m pretty excited about it. I made a Facebook group for people who want to follow the blog – people who are members of the group will get messaged when I post a new article. The group is also called “Transforming Every Guest”.

Here’s some more info about it!

This blog is a forum for me to develop and share ideas about the renewal of worship, especially as it pertains to the role of music in the life of the church. I am also interested in the participation of children and youth in worship – not in their capacity as the future of the church, but in their right to be vital members of its present. As a Toronto-born Presbyterian with musical interests that range from the liturgical use of Zimbabwean marimbas to the incorporation of improvisation, drama and storytelling in worship, I hope that I have some insight to share from my experience of and deep love for Christ's church. I also hope that my position of writing from the "true north, strong and free" will add a Canadian voice to the forum on vital worship, with a healthy side of self-deprecating humour.

I invite you to read this blog, consider my ideas, and respond with your own.

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