Friday, October 9, 2009

.... it is midafternoon, and the blog is altogether still........

.... silence.....

... crickets chirping....

....a tumbleweed rolls by.....

... dust settles, grass grows, paint dries – you get the idea! I have been a very bad blog writer of late! It's turning out to be quite a term. I've been saying the phrase "eating my lunch" a lot recently, as in "this term is eating my lunch!" Between singing in the demanding (but wonderful) Meadows Chorale, three courses each with an intensive reading list, and my duties at First Presbyterian (including, but not limited to, playing in the handbell choir), I am running to keep up with my own life!

This makes me very thankful for a few things – 1) David, who keeps me fed, keeps me in clean clothes, and gives me hugs; 2) great friends who know what I'm going through; 3) great profs who are engaging and motivating; 4) family at home who support what I'm doing!

Phew! I have officially made it to Fall Break, which of course has nothing to do with Thanksgiving down here but that's what I think of it as! There is in fact a day off on Monday, I believe for Columbus day, but most people just think of it as Spring Break.

A couple of exciting things lined up for this weekend:


We are going to the Fair! For real this time! We are heading over there tomorrow and I'm sure I will have lots of pictures and stories to share. Now, last year I posted a poll for which disgusting fried creation I would try at the fair. Though I really can't promise I'll be eating any of these items, here are some of the deep-fried, battered or otherwise acute-myocardial-infarction-inducing delicacies which we have to look forward to tomorrow:
Fried Turkey on-a-stick – Cajun seasoned Turkey breast meat, marinated, breaded and deep fried.

Deep Fried Peanuts – Deep fried peanuts in shells and seasoned with a variety of flavors (Cajun, garlic, powdered sugar, jalapeno).

Chocolate JalapeƱo – Fresh jalapeno skewered and dipped in funnel cake batter, fried and then dipped in chocolate. Available dusted with cinnamon and sugar..

Texas Bar-B-Que Boomerangs – Tender, hickory smoked brisket, chopped and mixed with BW’s special sweet, smokey flavorful BBQ sauce. Brisket is scooped into a light pastry won ton wrapper, folded, sealed and deep fried to a delicate crisp golden brown. Served with your choice of sauce: BBQ or Flame Thrower.

Deep Fried Pizza – Pepperoni or sausage pizza slices battered in homemade Italian batter, deep fried and served with an extra helping of pizza sauce and parmesan cheese.


We will be celebrating Thanksgiving in the Canadian style (whatever that means!) on Monday. Our friends Chelsea and Chris are letting us come over and commandeer their kitchen in order to prepare a turkey and the other "fixin's". Some MSM friends are going to come join us to get in on the fun. I've got my Mom's pastry in the freezer and I'll be making Aunt Jane's pumpkin pie on Sunday night after handbell practice (why am I in the handbell choir now? I don't know?!)

Here are some things that are coming up this term:


Each of us in our Colloquium class has to choose a hymnal and do in-depth research into its contents and context. This includes categorizing all of its hymns into Dr. Hawn's "Streams of Song," in order to get an overview of what kind of piety it represents. So, if you see Facebook statuses of mine that go something like "I don't know if 'Emmanuel, Emmanuel' is Stream 5 or 6, did anybody else put it in Stream 6??" – you'll know what I'm talking about. Sort of.

As you can imagine, I eagerly picked the 1998 Book of Praise of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Now if I could only get one of the task force editors of that book to give me the time of day..... ! (That's a joke.... get it?)


We are going to have an evening of conducting the Meadows Wind Ensemble, for practice conducting brass groups. Apparently this is a very particular skill. I had a brief taste of it (trial by fire!) conducting the processional hymn on Easter Sunday morning last year at First Pres. I'll have to dust of the ol' baton – should be fun.


I am very excited to be one of the assistant conductors of the Seminary Singers this term, and I'm even more excited because of this year's Lessons and Carols service. The focus of this year's service is Mary's song, the Magnificat. Dr. Hawn commissioned my Dad to write a setting of the Magnificat text, in a fiesta style. So, I'm getting to prepare the Seminary Singers to sing its world premiere on December 3. It's called "Mary's Magnificent Song." They're having a lot of fun learning it, and I'm having fun teaching it! I hope I do a good job, because my parents are coming down to participate and hear it. Yay!

That's all for now – I'll try to write more soon!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Marimbas - Njalo

Video Update (the best kind)

We played marimbas! It's not just musical - it's therapeutic! Maria Minaar is our collective hero! Watch us get down!