Monday, December 14, 2009

Breaking News from the Boulevard

It is Saturday morning, and the end of term looms. My sleepy weekend morning was coming to a close and I meandered out of our rez building on my way to Bridwell Library (as per usual). And what did I come upon on the street that borders campus but a full marching band walking down the street. (And I do mean the street - they were walking on the road in traffic!) I called David on the intercom to open the window and have a look. He said "oh yeah, that's the homecoming parade - if you have half an hour to spare you can go watch them on the boulevard." SMU Boulevard is the main U-shaped street that runs through campus. When there is a football game, we don't tailgate, we "boulevard" (well, come to think of it, David and I don't tend to do either, but you get the idea.)

Sure enough, as I carried on to the library I saw the whole group cut through the parking lot of Highland Park UMC. By this time, I probably don't need to tell you that homecoming is a. big. deal. Well, how could I not provide up-to-the-minute coverage of this occasion?

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the first few minutes of the 2009 Homecoming Parade. Note that the pony is Peruna, the mascot for the SMU Mustangs. And, the seem to be recruiting cheerleaders pretty young these days.... !


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