Friday, January 7, 2011

A couple of things

A couple of grab-bag things from the last couple of days:

We are loving staying at Sue and Mark's.  When we got here, they weren't back in the UK yet, so we were staying on our own.  The only thing Mark said was "don't touch the Miata."

Here I am, not touching the Miata.

And, here is a cute storefront of a Lettings Agency in Dulwich (right near Sue and Mark's):

Note that these are all adjacent neighbourhoods within London.

And, an exceedingly random fitness club poster I saw on a walk the other day.  "Join the church of L.A. Fitness - Lose Festive Temptation - Find Gym Salvation."

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ihende4845 said...

Hilary, I must tell my brother, Glen, about "the Church of La Fitness" and the salvation possible therein. Glen will be 80 this coming September and goes to the gym to work out twice a week (Sheesh). I think he might identify with such a congregation (LOL).
Ian Henderson