Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 3 - Bring on the errands.

I was making coffee this morning and David came downstairs (one of the exceedingly rare mornings that I woke earlier than him!) and he said "the sun is shining!"  Had to get a quick photo - first break of sun since we arrived.  It didn't last long!

Today we did some more research to help us get set up, then went out on some errands.  We hopped on the train toward London Bridge again, at North Dulwich Station.

Ohhh, the efficiently organized and informative public transportation system!  Eat your heart out, Rob Ford.

We got off at Peckham Rye Station and went over to The Carphone Warehouse, where we got SIM cards and cell phones, one for each of us.  We've signed up with Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go.  We also stocked up on a few living-abroad accessories - battery charger, webcam... socks!

When we got home, I made some apartment-related phone calls.  Left several messages and got us an appointment to see one in Merton (south end of the Northern Line tube) tomorrow evening.  Cross your fingers for us, please!

There were some neat clouds as we waited for the train coming home.  We are so amazed we are in England!

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