Sunday, January 9, 2011

Le Touquet

"Once upon a time in Le Touquet..."

On Thursday after we got back from the Estate Agency, Mark said "What are the two of you doing on Saturday?  How would you like to go to France?"

The Penwarden/Smith clan packed us into the car and drove to the train.  We took a ride on the Eurostar, which has a drive-on train through the Channel Tunnel.  Taking a trip through the chunnel fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine (or at least, a post-1996 dream when I saw the first Tom Cruise Mission: Impossible remake, which climaxes, totally plausibly, with a helicopter / train chase in the chunnel).

About to get on the train - between British and French customs.

After the half-hour chunnel ride (hard to believe you're in a tunnel beneath the English Channel!  Not much to see, but still exciting) we drove through the French countryside to a small seaside town in Pas-de-Calais, called Le Touquet.  In the summertime the town is hopping with beachgoers, but in January it is pretty calm, and we wandered around taking in the cute little shops and general French culture.

Ooh, pretty French clothes!

I was very interested in this chocolatier.

After we looked in the one window I thought everybody would go in, but I found them around the other side of the store looking in the other window (the door was in between them).  I said, "are you having trouble finding the door?" (i.e., stop looking and let's go IN already!)  Mark thought that was so funny he said he would let the whole Streatham thing go.  That was a nice gesture, but it only lasted until the car ride home.  I got a delicious dark chocolate and whole hazelnut bar here, which I'm trying not to eat too quickly!

Want to get a little place in Le Touquet?  The Penwarden/Smiths investigate the real estate possibilities of coastal France.

After our lovely lunch.  I had moules marinières and Sue and Mark taught me how to eat them the French way (using an empty shell as an implement à faire sortir les moules).  Le Touquet is, of course, a great place to have fruits de mer.

La mer.

A carousel by the beach, featuring the airplane from Le petit prince.  "S'il te plait, dessine-moi un mouton..."


On the way back, we ended up in a French mall, where we popped into a grocery store and got very French groceries to take back to England for dinner (I can't believe those are the geographical locations I have to choose from lately!  France, England... where to next??)  We got some nice lettuce, brie, mushrooms, and french baguette.  Je mange, tu mange, il mange, elle mange...

I wonder what our next adventure will be?


Sarah Davignon said...

Hi Hilary! Sarah from Choir! Too bad we didn`t meet more, you were a great director for all 2 of the practices I was at. This is the second blog I will read concerning friends who are staying in England for a time.

You are having a great time!

Hope to meet again some day.

chelseastern said...

So much fun! I'm reminded of the movie "Chocolate" that I love so much. Texas to France! You're movin' on up!