Friday, July 29, 2011

More Family Time

Toward the end of my Mom's time in London, I took my parents to the Tate Britain.  We met up at Vauxhall Station, just across the river from the gallery, and had lunch together at Pret à Manger.  Pret (as we say in London) just might have been my parents' favourite discovery on their trip, and in truth, it's a great spot - it's a massive UK chain of café/lunch stops where you can grab fresh, leafy, pretty healthy lunch items like sandwiches, wraps, sushi, pots of cut fruit or granola with yogurt.  It's hugely popular with the I'm-a-haggard-London-office-worker crowd, and they really know how to make a good sandwich (this from a self-proclaimed expert; I take my sandwiches seriously.)

But I digress.  I filled my parents in on the recent York Races goings-on and we strolled across Vauxhall Bridge Road toward the gallery.  My parents had already been to the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum the other day, and said "they have a lot of sculptures there!"  This was my first time to the Tate and I was looking forward to it.  One of the famous holdings on display was The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse - gorgeous.  I also happened upon an 19th-century painting of Box Hill, the spot where David and I went for a walk at the end of April.

Dad had his own favourite from the day:

After that we made our way back toward the tube to go our separate ways.  It's always amazing to me to be crossing the Thames and taking in the sights of London - I can't quite believe we get to be on such a wonderful adventure!

MI6!  No James Bond sightings, though.

A couple of days later, it was time to say goodbye.  My Mom went back to Toronto (to finish madly packing up for my parents' move to Geneva) at the end of May, and Dad stayed on a couple of days into June as he was en route to Armenia for a World Council of Churches meeting.

We convened again in Dulwich for a farewell dinner, at Rocca, a favourite Italian spot of Sue and Mark's in their neighbourhood.  What fun to have the chance to be all together - and hard to say goodbye!  (Yes, we sang grace in four parts in the middle of the restaurant.  Yes, I really think we're going to get kicked out of a restaurant one of these days.)

A festival of friends.

Had to post this - cool flowers David and I spotted next to North Dulwich rail station.

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