Thursday, August 11, 2011

We are safe!

Hello all,

Just a quick message to say that, amid all the news I'm sure you're seeing about the rioting in London and across the UK, David and I are fine and have been relatively safe in our neighbourhood while all this has been going on.

Neighbourhoods dotted all around us were sites of some of the most severe rioting.  A shopping centre where we walk to, about 15 minutes away, was trashed and looted on Monday night.  We know that many local shops and businesspeople are devastated, which saddens me.  We are considering ourselves very lucky to be safe and essentially unaffected by the goings-on.

I am sad that there are so many populations in London and throughout the country that feel that they have no power and took this as an opportunity to feel powerful.  I am sad that this was the expression that their anger took, though I can understand that the hopelessness and anger that comes from ongoing unemployment and discrimination in the poorer areas of the country.

Thank you for your thoughts and your notes of concern during this scary stretch of time!  I am grateful that I have my calm David to carry on with.


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