Monday, December 26, 2011

My 27th

Another year, another country, another apartment. Last year I celebrated my birthday in Toronto while working for Darlene Richards-Loghrin at her real estate law office. We were less than eight weeks away from moving to London. This year I am office manager by day, aspiring worship consultant/musicologist by night, proud master's student spouse-helper, and happy to be settling in to London apartment no. 2. My parents came up from Geneva for a few days to help me celebrate my 27th birthday.

When you've lived in six different homes since getting married four years ago, you learn to improvise. Note the suspiciously similar shape of my veggie pot pie, above, and the lovely birthday cake David secretly made for me (a mere 12 hours off the plane from Venice, where he had been attending the Biennale!)

I was working part of the time my parents were here (including on my birthday), so it was a relatively low-key visit. David cooked a nice dinner for all of us and we enjoyed birthday cake in our flat.

Make a wish!
 The next day I went with my parents to the South Kensington area of London, to do some touring around and catch up. We had coffee in a really nice little cafe just outside of the South Ken tube station.

So glad to be together!
 We walked along Cromwell Road toward Harrods, where I wanted to go. We passed the beautiful Victoria and Albert museum and poked around in a rare books and maps shop. Then we entered the domain of ritzy, overpriced retail. We deposited Dad in a Starbucks and got lost in Harrods for a while. What an amazing place. We only took a few steps into the "Christmas Village" area before retreating in fear and trepidation - it's a pretty intense retail, um, experience. Lights, glitz, baubles and noise.

I was very taken by the food hall area of Harrods - all kinds of everything, all looking delicious. Cupcakes, beef wellington, satay skewers, sushi, wine, lager, antipasti, mustards, preserves, and on and on. Also an entire hall devoted to tea, coffee and chocolate. I scooped up a Christmas present for Susan, a cute Harrods tea towel.  I have been so slow to put this blog post together that I can now post that without spoiling the surprise. My mom bought some nice butcher block cream which she proceeded to forget at Sue and Mark's house.

After we were shopped out we collected Dad and wandered down to the local Pizza Express. This is a chain of Italian restaurants which is fancier than it sounds. They make delicious thin-crust pizzas - my favourite is the Padana, with goat's cheese, red and caramalised onions, spinach and garlic oil. We had wine and a nice long catch-up. South Ken is a great area of London, it feels very "omg I'm in London" to me. But also with a good dose of quaint and cute.

David was literally wrapping up writing his thesis in the days my parents were here, so we were trying not to be in the way, and to be quiet when we were in the flat. Shh!

Thanks for coming to visit us, family!

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chelseastern said...

I'm so glad you got a great visit with your parents! I just enjoyed reading all your recent blog posts! We miss you guys and hope you have a very Happy New Year! I hope you get to enjoy some festivities in London. Hope to chat soon - Hugs