Monday, December 26, 2011

Thanksgiving in Streatham

Shortly after we moved in to our new apartment, it was time to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. (So what if no one else is doing it?)

Our move was not without its challenges - the previous tenants did not leave the apartment very clean, but it was clean enough in our new landlord's opinion. So, after leaving our old apartment in pristine condition (with the cleaning fumes still clinging to us) we had to start right over at our new place. Not fun. But we got past it and I think we're even starting to feel like Stanthorpe Road is home.

I decided I needed to kick-start the homey feel by cooking us Thanksgiving dinner, even if it was only for two. (This was in spite of the fact that our oven was broken and the new one was delivered on the day of the cooking. Most intelligent people would be deterred by such circumstances - not this girl.)

We went out in the afternoon to wander around Streatham Common where there is a nice garden.

At one point I was thinking of doing a roast chicken, which I had done for our first Thanksgiving in Dallas. However, I was daunted by the oven situation and decided to opt for turkey breasts instead. Not sure why I thought this would make such a huge difference but whatever.

Root vegetables, leeks and sage
Go turkey go!

It felt very homey indeed, amid busyness at both school and work. With October underway David had barely eight weeks to go in his programme!

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