Sunday, January 8, 2012

David's Final MRes Show

And then it was December!

After a whirlwind year (I seriously don't know where the time has gone), David was wrapping up his time in the MRes programme at the London College of Communication, with a final show for all of the master's programmes. The lead-up to this show was a (tragi-)comedy of errors that included David spending long hours each day trying to keep it all together (à la Michael Bluth) while also preparing his thesis for final printing. In the evenings we would come together for a meal on the couch, and a dual gripe session about my day at work and his day trying to birth this show. 

Happily, it all came together as something he and his colleagues could be very proud of. I hopped on the tube after my day of work on the Monday to attend the opening (read David's account of the event on his design blog here). I was so proud to see all the students together with their work displayed, and to know that David has made some really wonderful connections with them and with mentor figures in his field over the course of this year. All of the work was amazing, and I know the depth of thought and immense labour that went into all their projects.

Mobile / hanging word cloud of keywords from the various projects.
David's poster of his work.
David's display area for his project.

I was a little fried from work (December was actually quite a difficult month for me work-wise) but I was thrilled to be there (glass of wine in hand - important) and chatted with David's colleagues and profs. Interestingly, it was my first opportunity to meet Teal, the prof who interviewed and accepted David to the programme, a year ago in September. Kevin Walker ended up being David's actual prof for the day-to-day classwork, whom I had met several times, but I had been hearing Teal's name for a long time. We had a nice chat. I also met Sarah, David's organizational twin in the MA Design Writing Criticism course (see first pic) - the two of them had been kindred spirits in trying to get the show put together. It was great to meet her.

Video projection playing while the show went on.
David, looking a little washed out I'm afraid, with Stephanie and Maulshree.
Wrapping up.

A participatory part of David's display.
So neat to sit by and watch this - people looking at David's materials.
After the opening wrapped up, we all went out for some dinner to an amazing dim sum restaurant about ten minutes' walk from the school. I stuffed myself with wontons and marinated tofu, and listened to them talk shop and wrap up their time together. They did all assemble one more time for a Christmas lunch (before Stephanie flew back to Brazil, a definite signal that the group were going their separate ways), but this was my last chance to sit and be with David's wonderful new friends. It was wonderful to celebrate with them and to see David be among such kindred spirits.

Congratulations, David, on your amazing success in your master's programme and on such a successful wrap-up to a challenging year.

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