Friday, January 6, 2012


I am trying out David's iPod Touch as a tool to post to my blog during our upcoming Europe trip in the spring. It takes photos and everything. What do you think?

We are starting to plan in earnest - I'm getting excited!


Karin said...

Nice little kitchen you have there!

Any Germany destinations in your travel plans? I wonder if I can help you...though I'm not sure that I know people in the right places to get you places to stay. Hey...I know some people in Geneva! :-)

Happy Epiphany!

hilaryseraph said...

Thanks, Karin!

Sadly, at this point Germany is not on the itinerary. We would have liked to get over to that part of the world (particularly Berlin and Munich) but I don't think we can pack it in this time. For now, I'll have to be contented with the time I spent in Leipzig.

Do you think these friends of yours in Geneva would let us stay with them? ;)